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Best Tech Gadgets of 2016


Technology has been developing every year, affecting different almost every aspect of our lives, from work, home, school, health, fitness, and the list grows further.

Every year, different tech companies showcase new gadgets in an attempt to be ahead of the curve from other competition. They vary from the craziest to the most subtle, and from the cheapest to the most expensive creation. But despite the holy pile of the latest developments, only a few were able to make it to our list. For 2016, here are the best tech gadgets.


Most companies innovate gadgets that we can’t even use on a daily basis. But Wezzoo has a different idea in mind. They know how it can be a hassle bringing the umbrella all day, thinking it would eventually rain but ending up bringing it home unopened. But thanks to Wezzoo’s Oombrella, it will not just predict rain, but will also remind you to bring it. Never get soaked in the rain again!

Pocket VR

Whether you’re interested in it or not, virtual reality is eventually going to be a part and parcel of our lives. Last year, tech headlines were focused on the Oculus Rift. For this year, more virtual reality headsets are making their way to the top, including this 70$ Pocket VR, complete with a phone case. Like any high-end virtual reality products, this allows you to turn your smartphone as a means to get inside virtual reality, without breaking the bank.

Petnet’s SmartFeeder

Petnet’s SmartFeeder makes the responsibility of feeding your pet easier. It operates automatically, allowing you to leave home without leaving your pet hungry for hours or days. This is a great product for homeowners who really like pets but can’t always be at home to manually feed them. This SmartFeeder allows you to keep your pet healthy while you’re away. And thanks to its innovative feature, your pet can take selfies to be directly sent to your phone. Added to that, it allows you to call your pet to give them treats.


There are times where the alarm sound of our click on the bedside table makes us want to snooze the goddamn thing and go back to sleep, instead of getting up from bed instantly. Who doesn’t get tired of the annoying sound? The Sensorwake has a new way of waking you up– enticing you with a scent of your choice (coffee, mint, and even money) at a certain hour. These scents are packed in smelly little boxes that you can easily plug into this innovative alarm system.

Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote

With so many home gadgets you bought last year, I bet their remote controls are colliding, and some of them misplaced everywhere. Misplace not anymore! The Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote is your answer for having too many remotes. It can be the general controller for every compatible home gadget. After a long day at work, it will be easier to turn on the lights, the television, and finally the air-conditioning system at once.


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