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What You Need To Start a Small Business in the US

In this post, I’ll cover some basic requirements that many small businesses in the USA will have to consider:

  • A valid trademark.
  • Registering a fictitious name.
  • Having a registered agent.
  • Obtaining liability insurance and being able to file taxes.
  • Enough Capital.

Hopefully, this list will help you get started on the right foot so you can get your life back and focus on enriching it rather than wasting time looking for things that aren’t required.

1. Trademark

A “trademark” is not necessarily the same as a brand, though they are often used interchangeably in marketing. A trademark is much more specific. It can be your company or product’s name, logo, slogan, color combinations, etc. It could even be a logo on a T-shirt or other clothing.

Think of your trademark as a kind of password representing who you are. You wouldn’t want other people using it, would you? You don’t have to register a trademark to get exclusive rights to use or gain trademark protection. You can “register” your trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office to bring some added security and prevent others from using it without your permission.

2. Fictitious Name

The next thing you’ll want to do is register a fictitious name. You can do it with the federal government and your state or city/county:: check with your local registrar to see which one you need to do. This “fictitious” name is how you will register to file taxes, etc. It’s also how you will perform specific legal actions like forming a corporation or Limited Liability Company.

3. Registered Agent

A registered agent is a person or company authorized to receive service of process for a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership. When you file for a fictitious name, you’ll need to provide the name and address of a registered agent.

4. Liability Insurance

Depending on your business type, you may need to obtain liability insurance. You must obtain commercial general liability insurance if you’re a registered Limited Liability Company agent. You would need to obtain business liability insurance if you’re not a registered agent. Still, you could potentially be sued, such as an employee.

5. Enough capital

If you’re starting your own business, you’ll need at least some capital. That doesn’t mean you have to have $100,000 when opening. Any amount will do, as long as it’s enough to get your business off the ground for a year or more, depending on your work.

Here’s a great talk about VC and how it work. But you can also click here for more information.

I hope these tips were helpful and that you now know what’s required to start a business in the US. As I pointed out, not every business needs everything.

Still, I can guarantee you that having a valid trademark, registering a fictitious name, filing taxes, and setting up a bank account will put you ahead of most other small businesses.

6 New features included in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 was one of the most notable additions to the Office suite. It included visual reworks, many new features and improvements to old ones that made using each app more comfortable and straightforward.

In the past, Office 2016 was referred to as “visually heavy” and “non-intuitive” for less experienced users. However, this new version has left all those problems behind and has included a minimalistic but colorful approach to the same apps we’ve been using throughout the years.

We’ll be reviewing 6 new features that were included in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and how they improved the performance and use of each app.

1.  New chart types and Power Query in Excel

Excel is one of the most useful apps included in the Office suite, especially in the entrepreneurial area. Compared to the previous version and all the general improvements made to the whole suite, we can say that Excel was the real highlight in Office 2016.

Besides having access to new chart types, like histograms and boxes, a new “Query” option is available. Instead of being an add-on, it is a complete feature that you can quickly access from the above menu.

2.  Total integration with OneDrive

Starting from Office 2016, all of the apps will be synced with OneDrive. Thus, you will be able to save your documents directly on the cloud and access them through different devices. Plus, you will also be able to enjoy all of the advantages associated with OneDrive, which can be especially useful for businesses.

3.  Introducing “Tell Me”, successor of Clippy

Clippy was the virtual assistant included in the Office suite in several of the previous versions. However, it has disappeared in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016, but his help is still present through “Tell Me,” a  new feature that allows you to find exactly what you want by typing it.

“Tell Me” has Clippy’s essence but takes the concept to the next level and makes it more potent and efficient.

4.  Sway + Office 2016

Sway has been integrated into Office 2016. It serves as an alternative to PowerPoint, as their purpose is the same – helping the user create interactive presentations. However, Sway has even a more intuitive interface, making it more appropriate for casual users.

5.  Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s new virtual assistant, which was introduced with Windows 10. Now that we’re already familiar with it, we’ll be able to enjoy it in the Office suite as well. You will be able to access all sorts of information with voice commands, regardless of the app you’re using. This can help you become more efficient and productive.

6.  Major improvements in Outlook

Like Excel, Outlook has several improvements. First, you will notice that Outlook’s behavior will change as you continue using it. The app now learns about your preferences and will detect what emails you prioritize and what others you ignore, making it easy to manage your email and delete all the clutter.

What makes a web design good in 2021?

There were over 1.5 billion active websites in 2019. Two years later, this number has likely increased considerably, but it isn’t the only thing that’s different. The web design trends aren’t the same as two years ago – or even nearer, things may have changed greatly within six months.

Web design trends are constantly changing, and every year (or month), new ways of presenting a website surge. People are constantly looking for innovative ways to capture their target audience’s attention while improving the user experience simultaneously, and both factors contribute to the website’s SEO.

It is essential for you (and for web designer Brisbane agencies) to be in charge of the latest trends in web design. So, if you are a bit rusty in that area, here we have some of the most remarkable trends that have reigned since the year started.


Since 2019, graphic design has been experiencing a sudden shift to minimalism. Some sources refer to this trend as “neo-minimalism.” Instead of overloaded elements with very striking aspects, people are settling for clean, small designs that deliver an overwhelming but accurate message. In other words, less is more.

As fewer elements are included in the website, the user will be able to focus on what’s really important while keeping the webpage aesthetically pleasing and optimized for its use.


Micro-interactions have a determined purpose, and it is to improve the user experience. A good example of this element is the ability to increase the size of the thumbs-up emoji or any other you may have assigned to the chat in Facebook’s messenger as you keep touching it. In other words, this aspect is all about small animation effects that provide an enhanced user experience.

Infinite scrolling

If you use social media sites constantly, you probably know what “infinite scrolling” is like. It consists in allowing the user to access new information without clicking anything, they’ll need to continue scrolling, and their screens will display new pieces of info endlessly. Although this trend is usually seen in social media sites like Reddit or Quora, many blogs and news sites are also using it.

This trend is mostly used by websites that have ample informative offers. It doesn’t make sense to present “all the information” that a website has, so the algorithm is often programmed to show the user what’s more relevant at the moment.

Load speed

Statistics say that about 47% of internet users expect websites to load in less than two seconds. If we take into account that the probability of boosting your conversion rate increases by 74% if the load speed is optimized, we can conclude that the load speed of a website is one of the most crucial aspects to ensure an excellent user experience.


There are more aspects and trends that have defined web design in 2021. What we described above compiles what companies have been considering the most throughout the year. Some of these trends will disappear, while others are here to stay.

Understanding how an IQ Test is Measured?

What is an IQ Test?

The IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a test that is used to assess a person’s ability to accomplish a certain task, such as doing well in undergraduate, college, or post-graduate studies. IQ assessments are useful for student selection since they predict progress in the programs for which they are configured. They are often used in the process of workforce development by industrial and organizational psychology to assess what experience, talents, ability, and personal characteristics are needed for a particular work.


The Importance of an IQ Test

One of the most significant advantages of an IQ test is that it can often offer key and unique knowledge about a child’s developmental growth that other services would not have picked up on or be reluctant to find out. The tests include a snapshot of a child’s thought at the time. This is because the questions are designed to assess how quickly one responds, how correctly they interpret information, and how effectively they relate this information to their existing knowledge base.

In other words, IQ assessments will assess children’s readiness to understand as opposed to what they have already mastered. A quick IQ test can help parents and teachers to predict how a child will perform on a particular topic, which can help them prepare for that topic more effectively.


How is the IQ Test Measured?

In addition to the important factor of how quickly a child processes information, the standardized tests for IQ also incorporate a much broader range of measures. For example, one of the most important factors influencing the score derived from such a test is how accurately the quotient is calculated. To calculate the quotient, you must know the geometric means, or geometric difference, of each of the number, digit, color, space, and shape items on the IQ assessment. Though the IITJEE board of coaching tries its best to maintain as consistent a standard of performance as possible across all testing instruments, it cannot guarantee that a particular numerical response will be the same on all IQ tests, especially since different sets of IITJEE tests have been administered with varying degrees of rigor.

An IQ test provides scores for a ‘wish number’ associated with each digit and is widely used in the Indian education system. The numerical formulae for the calculation of the wish numbers are based on highly scientific procedures and require advanced knowledge and understanding of statistics. These complex procedures are essentially a part of the reasoning process, where critical decisions have to be made while arriving at a decision. Though these types of IQ tests are highly regarded in the Indian education system, they are also commonly used as scoring mechanisms for testing general intelligence, in other words, in forensic psychology. It is in this context that the significance of the IQ score becomes all the more relevant.

Here is a great TED Talk to goes a bit more in-depth on IQ and its implications:

Take Your Spotify to the Next Level

Promote Your Business

You have a passion for music but not sure how to gain listeners? Orion Promotion offers affordable and effective methods like a spotify playlist promotion in order to gain the listeners you desire. The process is overall very simple. As an artist you will submit your song to Orion Promotions and then a team of listeners will enjoy your song. Once the track has been listened to the team will find the perfect placement for your song. Additionally, within 24 to 48 hours of purchasing and being placed on a track, a link of the playlist or multiple playlists that your song is on will be sent out to you via email. Orion Promotions has a network of over 2,000 playlists, 1,500,000 listeners, 1,500 campaigns completed, and 600 playlist curators. Therefore, there is a large pool of listeners waiting for talent throughout the United States and Europe.


Select the Plan for Your Needs

The best aspect of investing in a campaign is that you may choose between various plans depending on your business needs. The campaign begins by offering three different plans that cater to artists’ different needs. If any one of the pre-formulated plans does not seem like it will work for artists, you would have the opportunity to work closely with Orion Promotions in order to build a package that will be customized around your needs. The overall goal is to get your music into the ears of people whom enjoy your specific styles and genre.


Basic Plan for $59

This package is easily accessible by most artists because it does not require a large investment. Your music will be guaranteed to reach real people around the United States and Europe and reach an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 streams. As an artist you will also be eligible for royalties. The Basic plan will allow your track to be on up to two playlists and come with detailed report.

Standard Plan for $109

While the Standard plan comes with a little larger initial investment, it encompasses all of the great features of the basic plan and more. The plan allows around 50,000 followers and up to an estimated 15,000 to 30,000 streams. You are still eligible for royalties but you will be able to get on up to four playlists verses the basic

Premium Plan for $209

By selecting the Premium plan artist will gain access to many upgrades in comparison to the other two plans. With the higher price tag comes access to the largest pool of around 30,000 to 40,000 listener, royalties, and up to seven playlist placements.


Take Your Music to the Next Level

Tap into a market that has tons of listeners throughout the United States and Europe. By partnering with Orion Promotion, artists will gain access to countless listeners and experience their music grow in popularity. This company offers artists the ability to expand their music and built a brand they are proud to call their own.

What are some of the ways used to identify fake IDs or passports?

While the use of fake IDs and passports is ever more prevalent, the ways being used to identify them are also becoming more sophisticated. This is why so many people using fake IDs or passports are being caught and prosecuted every year.


Some of these detection methods are sophisticated, while others are so simple someone using a fake ID or passport may be shocked at how easy that is to discover.


Using the naked eye — Anyone who is looking for fake IDs will first take a look at the ID being presented to them.


A quick look can often detect an ID with a visibly peeled back laminate cover. This is done to remove a genuine photograph and substitute it with one of another person.


Numbers on the ID are also checked as, while these can be changed, it is difficult to do so with any accuracy. There are also two places where those numbers exist, and the second place is often overlooked by a forger.


There are also holograms on many IDs that should be visible by just tilting the ID to catch the light. If these are not present, the ID is obviously fake.


Using the I.D. Checking Guide — A document called an I.D. Checking Guide can be purchased and it includes information on every governmental ID in both the United States and Canada.


A quick check of an ID against the features that should be visible on it from that particular state or country can quickly identify that an ID is fake.


Ultraviolet light — Many IDs also feature information that is only visible under an ultraviolet light.


These are impossible to replicate by a forger, so the absence of these features under a UV light is a telltale sign of a fake ID or passport.


Feeling the ID — Nowadays, more and more states are including raised lettering on their IDs. This lettering can be easily felt with a quick run of the fingers over it.


If an ID has the same lettering, but it is flat to the surface, the ID is fake.


This is also an excellent way to detect if the laminate has been peeled back, as you will be able to feel its no longer smooth surface.


Idanalyzer — A new identity verification from  Idanalyzer can be purchased to help detect fake IDs and passports.

This API is able to scan the information on IDs and passports from all over the world and immediately identify if they are genuine or fake.


Idanalyzer is being used by a large number of companies nowadays, as it can not only detect if a potential employee is not the person being presented, the API can also detect if a customer is trying to perpetrate fraud.


How AI can shape our digital future

Artificial intelligence is a huge game-changer in technology. A number of people have the ability to get involved with this because it is going to change the digital future.


Better health care is something that is found in environments where artificial intelligence is made a priority (check Cody Moxam predicts AI influence). It becomes easier to get data sooner when there are AI methods in place that can retrieve information for medical professionals. When there is a database of answers that are easily provided by artificial intelligence it cuts down on the time that research has to be done for some medical procedures. This is good for patients. It also puts less of a strain on medical professionals that are already being overworked.


With artificial intelligence the virtual field trip takes a whole new meaning. Children have the ability to learn more and process more information because they are interacting with computers that have this artificial intelligence. The children have the ability to ask questions and get answers quickly. Teachers have the chance to provide more information because it can be accessed at a much quicker rate. This makes the learning process a lot less restrictive. It also opens the doors to developing road maps for individualized learning experiences.

Every child is not going to learn the same way. It is not even practical to assume that all children are going to learn on the same level. With artificial intelligence it becomes easier to put students in a place where they can move at their own pace. If a teacher is trying to teach across the board, she is giving out information to a group of students that may not all be receiving this information and processing it in the same way. When there is more artificial intelligence software in place the students can learn at their own pace.

Home Environment

Homes that have artificial intelligence have a wealth of possibilities for greater security and more convenience for the homeowner. Security systems can be implemented that record and relay information to homeowners if there is any possible burglar on the premises. This is going to be faster than a motion detector or an alarm that goes off if someone has actually broken into the home. These artificial intelligence systems can even work on face recognition that can cut down on the number of people that are even allowed to enter the home in the future.

Work Environment

The wave of artificial intelligence that is coming into the spotlight right now is just an early example of how it will work with our cell phones, appliances and our vehicles in the future. With artificial intelligence highways can become less congested and workplace productivity can improve tremendously.

Custom Printed Stickers Bring Attention

Custom sticker printing can be used in quite a few different ways to getting your point across about promoting your business. Not only are these stickers extremely cheap when you purchase them in bulk, but everyone loves stickers and would prefer seeing these types of logos rather than grabbing a newspaper and reading them in there in fine print. Of you have a logo sticker you can post the name of your company on there and post these outside of your building on the window, to help attract customers into your store. Depending on how your design is on your custom made sticker, if they look bright and cheerful looking, this also helps a customer remember the company you are promoting.

Custom Made Stickers Are Great For Sales

These stickers make great examples for promoting a sale inside of your store. Let’s say you have a “Buy two get one free” sale going on in your store, you should place these stickers inside of your building on the walls in big bold print so people can see this and direct their attention towards what you are trying to get across. You should also place these types of sales on the outside window of your business to help attract customers to your store also. The bigger the sticker that is promoting your sale in a colorful print, the better. People will definitely turn their heads on the quick and simple statement written on the sticker. These are a great way on attracting attention and drawing an audience to check out your store.

Stickers Placed On Vehicles Help

Another way to attract attention and promote your place of business is to add these stickers on a moving vehicle. With big stickers and a colorful design, this will be a head turner and promote your business in a fashionable and stylish way. People will definitely turn their heads and see what your company is all about. A moving vehicle is a great choice on getting others to focus on your products or company. A lot of people who are driving and get stuck in traffic will look at your moving vehicle and be able to get a glimpse on what your company is all about. You should also add products and what you are trying to sell on stickers on your moving vehicle as well. This will help customer’s find out what type of products you are selling, and will help them see what you are all about. Another way to display your place of business is to also add your website URL, and phone number to help promote your company. For those who are interested, this gives them a way to contact you and help draw an audience closer to you.

Place These Stickers Just About Anywhere

These type of stickers can be placed just about anywhere, and for busy streets and busy areas, you should place these stickers all over the side of buildings, or places like the mall or event centers to get your point across. Another great location is placing these stickers inside your place of business on the walls in your interior.

Things to look for when applying for IT jobs

The job market is constantly becoming uncertain considering the state of the economy in most countries. This is probably because the number of people getting into the job market is not proportional to the number of jobs being created. Several companies have been reported to reduce the number of their employees due to low productivity and profitability. For that reason, there has been an increase in competition for the few jobs available. As a job seeker especially in the IT sector you need to do certain things in order to stay on ahead of the competition.


Know your strengths


IT jobs (for instance: vacatures ict) are currently one of the most lucrative. Despite the fact that there is a high demand for IT professionals, it is important to ensure that you understand areas you are good at. For instance, if you are good at software or hardware to ensure that you are able to demonstrate your skills to your prospective employer. You can even compile a list of the jobs you have previously done for other clients to make it sound convincing. Most employers, especially in the IT industry, have shifted from the old tradition of recruiting staff based academic credentials. Most of them have turned the focus on skills.

Create an Elevator Pitch


An elevator pitch is a term usually used to describe a brief and clear summary of your skills and qualifications. If for example, you are in an interview panel, it should not take more than one minute. This should be done either at the beginning or end of your interview. The main aim of an elevator pitch is to make it memorable and in the minds of the panelists. You should avoid using jargon while writing an elevator pitch considering that there are numerous applications.


Carry out your research


As mentioned earlier, the IT job market is very competitive. Therefore before you think of dropping your application to any organization ensure that you have done enough research on what the organization does. Most job seekers make the mistake of ignoring this part not knowing its importance. It is important to gather as much information as possible about the IT Company that you are applying for a job. The information you gather will be crucial during an interview. Having prior knowledge about the services or products of a company can determine whether you will be hired or not.


The reputation of the company


The other important thing to look for while applying for an IT job is the reputation of the company you are applying for a job. As an employee, you should not just apply for jobs in an IT company. Therefore you should be able to check the credibility and stature of the company before sending your application. The good thing about reputable IT companies is that they pay their employees well apart from helping you to grow your career.


In general, there are various things that one should always pay attention when applying for IT jobs. Apart from the aforementioned points, there are also other factors such as geographical locate, growth opportunities, CSR among others that can help you get the right IT job.


What are private instagram viewers used for?

Instagram is a famous photo and video sharing social media site with a big community of users. Anyone can build a free Instagram profile...