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Top Five VPN providers in Canada


The ability to mask your identity online is becoming more and more vital in this time and age where virtually everything is done through the internet. Taking the precaution of hiding yourself from other users online has its benefits and can prevent you from targeted hackings or other forms of cyber-attacks.

Currently, many people from all over the world prefer to hide when accessing some private and confidential information. Attaining this level of anonymity can seem impossible to accomplish, but it very achievable if one employs the use of VPN service providers.

Employing the use of VPN services to surf the net will prove to be the thing that you just need to provide extra security for your device and your identity. As such Canada has numerous VPN services that you can use but below are five of the top VPN providers, you can trust.


This is Canada’s number one Virtual Private Network which offers cover to 25 countries with more than 3,253servers around the world. This VPN provider prides itself as one of the highly safest to use and through its use one is guaranteed system protection even when searching for information from various countries.

In addition to this, the VPN can drop insecure DNS server that you are using and in that instant pick and use its DNS making the access of your location untraceable to any intruders.

It also has a VPN kill switch that acts to conceal your IP address in case of any failure in its system, and it allows five simultaneous connects at a time.


Known for its exceptionally stable VPN networks NordVPN is one of the most highly recommended Virtual Private Networks available with an unlimited bandwidth allowing use during the day and at night.

It is a highly secure VPN network having its own inbuilt private messaging feature. It allows up to six users and allows access to banned websites with its kill switch.


Having been on around for ten years now, Purevpn is one of the most reliable VPN servers in Canada. It boasts of more than 750 VPN servers in 141 countries around the globe. It simple interface use make the VPN easy when using.

It also offers its users a split-tunnel Virtual Private Network tool which you can switch when one refuses to function properly.

Its other advantage is the fact that it erases your login data that can be used intruders surfing the net to hack you.


Considered as among the best VPN available in Canada boasting of its speed and secureness when being used to surf the internet.

It also has a user- friendly interface that allows comfortable use by those trying it for the first time. Though it, three users can be able to connect to the internet undetectable.

Users get provided with unlimited bandwidth and an added software that allows speed optimization when using it.


Hide my ass offers one of the strongest securities when surfing the internet having 750 servers that are disturbed across 350 locations globally.

Any user using this VPN can choose from 93,000 IP addresses that the server provides. It also offers a fast connection when using it and jumps from one IP dress to another when it senses vulnerability to hackers.

Therefore as seen above these VPN Canada servers have the ability of hiding and protecting you identify when on the internet. Each of them provides this service at a fee that varies but can be subscribed either monthly, after six months or annually depending on the provider.


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