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Growing Your Insta


Anyone starting a new Instagram account nowadays will find it difficult to get many new followers. Unless, of course, you have thousands of friends and acquaintances, and most of them are already on Instagram.

Growing a new Instagram account, and even an older one, however, is not as difficult as you may believe. Not if you buy Instagram likes and hundreds or thousands of real followers in order to jump start your account.

Here is how you can do just that.

Buy Instagram followers from a reputable company — There are many online companies that sell followers, but many of them are not particularly reputable. What this means is they sell you fake followers. Followers that may be banned from Instagram soon after you have paid for them, and followers that will never like any of your photographs or support you in any way.

Choose a company that only sells real followers, however, and you will be able to grow your Instagram account much faster and more effectively.

Buy the right number of followers — Buying the right number of new followers for your Instagram account means balancing numbers carefully. After all, if you only have a few followers to begin with, you do not want to add thousands of new followers overnight.

That would be a huge red flag to Instagram that you are buying your followers, and could end up getting you kicked off the social media platform.

Instead, you should start buying followers by purchasing less than 100 new people. These can then be delivered to your account over a few days, if you purchase them from a reputable company. Once these followers have been delivered, you can then continue adding a few hundred more every few weeks until you get to the larger number you would like.

Buy likes as well — It is not just buying followers that is important when trying to grow an Instagram account. It is also necessary to buy likes.

Likes promote your photographs to the top of Instagram search results, and put them in front of other people who may also follow you.

Buying likes from real Instagram accounts can cause your photographs to be boosted in search results even faster. Doing so over a few weeks can keep your photographs at the top of search results. Thus getting the attention of more and more people who may also follow you.

More followers attract more followers — As many people that use Instagram only follow accounts that already have a large number of followers, the more you have the more new people you will attract.

That is why you should buy real followers as soon as you can afford to, and then sit back and watch them being delivered. Then watch again while people you have not paid for will also begin following your account.

Follow all of the above tips and, within a couple of months, you could have an Instagram account that is beginning to get a lot of attention.