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Fix it, don’t ditch it!


Encountering a computer problem? Fix it.

Modern computers are extremely flexible and versatile. The likelihood of a problem developing that requires the purchase of a new computer is very low. However, problems still occur regularly and can be extremely frustrating. Before throwing you personal computer (PC) at a wall, seek help.

In the majority of cases, a qualified Information Technology (IT) professional can diagnose and fix any problems that may appear. Problems can generally be divided into two categories which include hardware and software. Software problems are much more likely to appear than hardware issues.

Software Problems

Problems with software involve anything related to the programs installed on a PC, this includes the Operating System (OS) and any other tools or software present. Internet browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer are examples of popular types of software. Issues occur regularly and are often the mostly likely cause of any issues a consumer may see. Spyware and ransomware are both software problems which may appear and affect the regular computer user. Spyware is software which bypasses the regular security rules on your computer to save and store information which allows for the tracking of user actions, i.e websites visited, browsers used etc. Spyware can cause slow performance of the computer and negatively affect the user experience. Ransomware is similar but much more difficult to deal with. Ransomware uses a software exploit to install itself on a PC, and then cryptographically locks access to files/folders until a user performs a certain action, normally this includes paying a ransom.

Hardware Problems

That which involve anything related with the physical components of the PC, are described as hardware issues. This includes the monitor, keyboard, and any components which are housed inside the case of the computer. Possible hardware issues include a faulty hard drive, random access memory (RAM), or even a video card which is performing poorly. Most hardware problems can be repaired, and if they can’t be repaired, the component can simply be replaced. Only a few components are not worth the cost of replacement. These include the motherboard or any soldered components on it. Any other hardware component can simply be repaired or replaced at an affordable cost. Even components you wouldn’t expect, such as a laptop screens, are easily replaceable. Check out Laptop Repair London for more information.

Fix it

To the average computer user, the internals are mystifying. However computers are composed of much simpler components than people realize. Computer components are built and follow a regular pattern. Similar to a car, computers have commonly recognized components. This allows for the possibility of repair by your local IT Tech. In the future if a problem arises, remember to seek a qualified IT professional. Saving money never hurt anyone. In most cases that is exactly what you will be doing by seeking repair: saving money.

In addition here are a few tips you should consider when you get a new PC:


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