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Tips and advice for earning money online as a virtual administrative assistant

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Virtual assistants enjoy the perks of being their own bosses, and setting their own hours. If this sounds appealing to you, and you are looking into opportunities to work from home, becoming a virtual assistant might just be the perfect career for you. To ensure that you have the best chance for success there are some things that you can do when launching your new career.

 Put Yourself Out There

No one will think of you for that virtual assistant position if they do not even know that you are looking for one. Let individuals in your personal and professional life know you are looking for work. Even if at first they do not have or do not know of any opportunities, the first time your friends and professional contacts do hear of an opportunity, you will be the first person they think of.

 Find Support

There are a number of online groups and forums designed to connect virtual assistants to one another, Freelancer, UpWork, Reddit.com/r/forhire/, etc. are just a few. Designed for both veterans and those just getting started, these communities are full of resources, advice and even virtual assistant job postings. Your best bet is to thoroughly research several of these online communities and then join the few that you feel the most comfortable with. Do not hesitate to join more than one as it will help to build your network and expose you to more work opportunities.

 Create a Plan

When you choose to become a virtual administrative assistant, keep in mind that you are essentially starting your own business. It is in your best interest to be prepared, and understand how to run your own business. Do plenty of research on laws and taxes and perhaps even consider seeking legal counsel to ensure you are fully ready for striking out on your own. Being financially prepared in case of an employment gap is also wise. Know your budget, and try to keep at least a month’s worth of expenses in your savings.

 Create a Professional Presence

As a virtual assistant who is first starting out and looking for work, you will want to ensure you have a professional online presence. Invest in professional headshots and a logo in addition to creating a website and a LinkedIn profile to make a great impression on those who visit your pages. Just creating a profile and website is not enough, however. Be sure to update everything frequently so visitors know you are active and enthusiastic.

 Educate Yourself

There are a great number of online virtual assistant programs that will help you gain a virtual assistant certification. While a certification is not necessary for all virtual assistants, it does make you more competitive. Most programs are quick, affordable and flexible with your schedule. For those who prefer to be self-taught, seek materials on virtual assisting either online such as through blogs, online communities or websites, or through books. The more you can learn about virtual assisting before seeking work, the better off you will be.

The field of virtual assisting is growing as more businesses and busy individuals are contracting talented individuals to help them manage various tasks. If you are ready for the challenge of owning your own business, and have the desire to work from home on your own schedule, pursue a career as a virtual assistant. It just might be the perfect career move for you!


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