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How a sleep monitoring app can help with sleep issues


How Does a Sleep Monitoring App Help You Sleep Better?

Sleep monitoring devices and apps are now as common as fitness trackers in the U.S. By using sleep monitoring apps, more people want to understand their sleeping patterns in a bid to improve their sleeping habits for better or longer sleep.

Although more people are using sleep monitoring apps and sleep trackers, there are still so many misconceptions on what these devices and apps can and cannot do. When you understand what these monitoring apps can do, you will better understand your sleep, and correct the issues that might keep you awake at night.

Benefits of Sleep Monitoring Apps

The most basic of all benefits is understanding when you go to bed and when you wake up and the number of hours you sleep. By so doing, you can improve your sleeping behavior and your sleep will get better with time. Tracking sleeping hours and sleeping times helps you understand your circadian rhythm and change for the better.

They track your movements when you sleep, thanks to the accelerometer in them. This gives you insights on how much you tossed and turned at night and the level of comfort. If you toss and turn a lot, it might point to an uncomfortable mattress, sleeping hot, or sleeping cold.

Some apps can track when you are awake and when you are sleeping (although only a few can do that when not in contact with your body). They do this by tracking your breathing rate (wearables are better as they track your heart rate too for a higher degree of accuracy). Although there is a degree of error when tracking when you are asleep and when you are awake, the data can help you better your sleep.

Some apps help track your fitness besides your sleeping pattern. This gives you better insight into what might be causing your sleep issues and helps you change your habits for the better. With mobile apps, the margin of error is more significant than that in wearables as the app only analyses the data you enter.

The apps maintain a digital record of your sleeping habits, so you never have to keep a diary. You can see how you fair with time. With the data, you can assess your sleeping conditions and what might be causing inconsistencies in your sleeping patterns. Pro Tip: You can find coupons for incredible sleeping monitors like Go2Sleep here. Go and save yourself a few bucks 🙂

Bottom Line

Some sleep monitoring apps can help track the temperature and the humidity in your bedroom to help you understand what might be causing your sleeplessness or sleeping issues. In most cases, however, the sleep monitoring devices give you insights, and it is up to you to identify problems that might be causing inconsistencies. To make the best of your sleep monitoring app, you need to pair it with a wearable sleep tracker that gives you more insight as it is in contact with your skin.