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Why is using an article generator better than writing articles for your site yourself?


Writing articles for your website is time-consuming and can also be frustrating if you find them difficult to do. This and other reasons is why many webmasters have decided to get their articles written by an online article generator, for example this content generator API.


Webmasters do not have time to write articles — With so many things to do when you run your own website, most webmasters do not have the hours a day necessary in order to write articles for their site. After all, SEO needs to be done, articles need to be promoted and advertising the site has to be taken care of.

This is why many website owners now use an article generator. This type of online article writer can create many articles per hour. Thus giving a website owner all the content he needs without having to spend his own time creating it.


Webmasters do not always have the expertise — At some point in the life of a site, a webmaster will realize he does not have the expertise necessary to write a particular article. That is when many of them decide to use an article generator instead.

A good article generator can create an article of any length and on any subject in just a few minutes. That article even includes a huge amount of research and the sources and citations you will need to prove it.


Webmasters cannot take all their own photographs — Every popular website has many different photographs on every article it publishes. A webmaster does not usually have time to go out and take them.

This is one reason why so many of them love getting their content via an article generator. Most generators not only write articles, but they also find the right photos and other graphics to illustrate them.

To get them, you just have to request them when you ask for an article to be written. As the article generator is writing your piece, it will also be looking online for photographs you can use to illustrate the article on your website.


Webmasters are worth more per hour — If a typical webmaster hired out his services to another site owner, he would be charging well over $100 an hour for all the work he does. This is why it is not cost-effective for most webmasters to write their own content.

After all, they should be spending it on doing things that can make their site more successful instead.

That is why when it comes to a site owner spending his time writing 10 articles a day, or spending a few dollars per article by buying them from an article generator, most site owners decide to do the latter instead.