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Why Your Dental Clinic Needs a Virtual Consultation Tool


With the expansion of telemedicine, there is no time like the present to adopt a virtual consultation tool for your dental clinic. In the dental industry virtual visits have become a great way to complete an array of tasks from initial consultations for new patients to smile assessments and follow up visits.

What Can It Do?

Virtual consultation tools allow a dental practice to communicate with their patients in a more efficient and successful manner. These tools also allow patients to have more control of their dental care while helping them to feel informed and heard by their doctor. Although some would think the integration of technology could diminish personalization, virtual consultation software actually engages the patient more. From the first submission of new patient information to messaging and live video visits, patients on average feel more connected to their doctor and dental team.

With the right virtual consultation dental software, a dental office will not only run smoother, but it can also maximize its case acceptance rates because patients will experience the following:

  • Meeting the doctor/team virtually
  • Informed to the potential treatment plan
  • Have overcome personal objections

Choosing the Right One

When choosing a virtual consultation tool, it is important to find one that evolves and grows with feedback from its users as well as have an app supported by an iPhone or Android. The software should work seamlessly with your website and be fully customizable from email and message templates to the widget that is displayed on your website. To add a personal touch, the tool should allow for recorded video greetings and two way messaging in addition to the live video visits. To accommodate multiple offices or doctors, a virtual consultation tool should also be capable of handling new patient message routing and workflows. Another benefit to utilizing a virtual consultation tool for your dental practice is the ability to capture more website leads. On average a median practice can capture 10-15 more leads per month using virtual consultation widget on their website.


Upon incorporating a virtual consultation tool in your dental office, choose a software company that is specialized for the dental industry is best. They can support your practice with onboarding and education that will successfully implement your new software. Through proper training and professional onboarding, a practice can identify their goals and reach them quicker and more successfully. Dentists and their care teams no longer have to have a physical presence. Now they can focus on their patients no matter where they are. From the office to the car or with their staff, doctors and patients can engage personally and effortlessly with the use of a virtual consultation tool.