Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Online Business


When it comes to marketing your business, this is something that should be left to those professionals who can get your online business maximum exposure in the shortest time. This has to be done in a way that delicately balances getting organic traffic to stay engaged while also getting the search engines to carefully and correctly index and rank pages.


If done correctly, you could begin to see a rush of traffic that will help you to separate your business from the rest in your niche. Done incorrectly, your website sits sand-boxed at the bottom of the search results.


Before you choose just any online marketing company, e.g. would be creative marketing agencies london, take a close look at their website and ranking for keywords in their niche. That is what you are going to get when they work on your site, so make sure they can walk the walk.


The best marketing team will go over all the meta fields on your website. If the site is old, you may have stuffed keywords in those fields back when that was an effective way to get traffic. If the search engines detect keyword stuffing now, they will de-index your pages, penalize your website, and send you to the bottom of the search results.


When it comes to keywords, the best marketing team has tools at their disposal to help get your business recognized. The name of the game today is finding long tail keyword phrases that no one else is using, but that will get you a decent amount of traffic. If done correctly, you will rank high for those search term, and the rest of the website will rise in the ranks for the more common keywords.


One of the techniques the best marketing agency will employ is placing most of your relevant content above the fold on the home page. The goal here is to catch the eye of a visitor and hold it long enough so they scroll down or click some links to stay a while. When it comes to marketing, you only have so many seconds to grab a visitors attention and hold it, something the best marketers excel at doing.


If you have a lot of articles on your website, the marketing team will recommend making some videos instead. Not only will those videos rank very well, they will hold the attention of someone who wants the information but just doesn’t want to read a huge article to get it.


One of the best things that you can do to help the marketing team and the ranking of your website is to add fresh content daily. If you are adding information your visitors can use, they will come back often to see what else is being posted. Place some social share buttons at the end of the content too, giving these visitors the chance to spread the word about your website.


Now that you understand how the marketing agency can to get more traffic to your website, make sure you are working with a team that keeps you informed each step of the process.

What are the current best laptops for kids?


There are bountiful options out there for people that are trying to buy a laptop. There are a lot of parents that may be looking for a laptop for their children. The options are bountiful, but it all comes down to what the laptop will actually be used for. Parents can find the best of the best when it comes to a laptop when they have some type of insight on what the kids plan to do with the laptop.

Surface Pro

One of the most impressive laptops that parents can buy for their children is the Surface Pro. Kids can use it as a laptop if they have assignments due in class, but they can also attach the keyboard and have a portable tablet where they can watch videos or even record their own videos. This is ideal for kids that like to switch back and forth between tablets and their laptops. This is going to be an option that costs a little more than the average laptop, but the amount of use that one can get from this is incredible. Parents that have become accustomed to getting the best for their children should definitely consider this as the top of the line when it comes to laptops.

Lenovo ThinkPad

This is another great option for any parents that may be looking for a chance to get their children something that is going to last for a long time. The Lenovo is a great laptop for kids that maybe a little rough on computers. This is a pretty sturdy machine, and it is possible to get one with a solid state hard drive. This is an even better option for children because this will be fast. A lot of kids are impatient when it comes to their gaming systems, and that is why the ThinkPad is such a wonderful choice.

Parents will also notice that the Lenovo ThinkPad is a lightweight machine and it has an excellent battery life. This is very important to kids even though they may not think to mention this to their parents when they are requesting a laptop. The Lenovo battery can last for hours without getting drained so it makes sense for parents to consider this option when they searching for a great laptop for kids.

Dell Latitude

Another laptop that has proven to be sturdy within the last several years is the Dell Latitude. This is a laptop that has a durable outer shell so it may still be functional even if it is dropped. This laptop is also one that will boot fast and give people the ability to get their work done much quicker. That is why a lot of kids appreciate a system like this.

Anyone that may be interested in playing games will also notice that this is one of the best laptops for doing this. A lot of kids play PC games and they’re looking for a laptop that has a lot of speed. The latitude is one of those systems that is able to give kids access to a much faster system with better graphics and a faster processor.

Best Tech Gadgets of 2016


Technology has been developing every year, affecting different almost every aspect of our lives, from work, home, school, health, fitness, and the list grows further.

Every year, different tech companies showcase new gadgets in an attempt to be ahead of the curve from other competition. They vary from the craziest to the most subtle, and from the cheapest to the most expensive creation. But despite the holy pile of the latest developments, only a few were able to make it to our list. For 2016, here are the best tech gadgets.


Most companies innovate gadgets that we can’t even use on a daily basis. But Wezzoo has a different idea in mind. They know how it can be a hassle bringing the umbrella all day, thinking it would eventually rain but ending up bringing it home unopened. But thanks to Wezzoo’s Oombrella, it will not just predict rain, but will also remind you to bring it. Never get soaked in the rain again!

Pocket VR

Whether you’re interested in it or not, virtual reality is eventually going to be a part and parcel of our lives. Last year, tech headlines were focused on the Oculus Rift. For this year, more virtual reality headsets are making their way to the top, including this 70$ Pocket VR, complete with a phone case. Like any high-end virtual reality products, this allows you to turn your smartphone as a means to get inside virtual reality, without breaking the bank.

Petnet’s SmartFeeder

Petnet’s SmartFeeder makes the responsibility of feeding your pet easier. It operates automatically, allowing you to leave home without leaving your pet hungry for hours or days. This is a great product for homeowners who really like pets but can’t always be at home to manually feed them. This SmartFeeder allows you to keep your pet healthy while you’re away. And thanks to its innovative feature, your pet can take selfies to be directly sent to your phone. Added to that, it allows you to call your pet to give them treats.


There are times where the alarm sound of our click on the bedside table makes us want to snooze the goddamn thing and go back to sleep, instead of getting up from bed instantly. Who doesn’t get tired of the annoying sound? The Sensorwake has a new way of waking you up– enticing you with a scent of your choice (coffee, mint, and even money) at a certain hour. These scents are packed in smelly little boxes that you can easily plug into this innovative alarm system.

Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote

With so many home gadgets you bought last year, I bet their remote controls are colliding, and some of them misplaced everywhere. Misplace not anymore! The Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote is your answer for having too many remotes. It can be the general controller for every compatible home gadget. After a long day at work, it will be easier to turn on the lights, the television, and finally the air-conditioning system at once.

Sandisk’s Monster 1 Terabyte SD Card

black sd memory card isolated on white background

Finally! SanDisk has revealed a memory card that has more storage capacity than your very own laptop. Sadly, the 1 TB SD card still a prototype, and therefore it is not yet available in any store.

The company believes that this huge leap is a necessity with the growing demands of heavily-formated files such as 4k videos and virtual reality.

SanDisk is known for having groundbreaking milestones. In fact, this revelation feels like a throwback of SanDisk releasing the first 64 megabyte SD card 16 years ago. We just hope it will be available for purchase soon!

iPhone 7’s notable features


Everyone is excited getting their hands on the latest iPhone 7. Besides the new color– Jet Black, here are some of its notable features to fall in love with:

  1. It’s already waterproof. Your phone will survive with water as deep as one meter.
  2. Two cameras. These help you take clear photos even with unstable hands. The telephoto lens will allow you to perform optical zoom.
  3. No headphone jack. It may be a disadvantage for others, but what’s not to love about tangle-free listening experience?

4. Improved battery life. Compared to the 6 plus, you can use the iPhone 7 for an hour and 30 minutes more.

Using Siri on your Laptop


There are still people who are unaware that Siri doesn’t just limit to one’s iPhone. You can also ask help from Siri using your laptop–that is if you’re using a Macbook.

For Siri to appear on your desktop, click the icon on the dock. Siri will pop up in the upper-right corner of the screen. Similar to using your phone, Siri will ask this question: What can I help you with? Obviously, it is the cue for you to start asking her questions. Don’t forget to upgrade Siri for a better helping hand.

Is iPhone 7 worth it’s price?


Apple has announced its new iPhone 7, and it’s that time of the year where everyone argues if the price is worth the phone. Is it?

In the US alone, the 32 GB version sells at a whopping price of $649. Aside from the waterproof feature, the new Jet black finish, a few changes in its storage capacity and a shocking revelation of not having a headphone jack, there is nothing really big about the new iPhone.

If you’re currently using 6s/6s plus, you don’t have to buy the new model.